Who We Are

Rochester Off-Campus (ROC) is more than just a school. ROC is a community of learners that understands that every student is different: we all see the world through a different lens; we look differently, speak differently and learn differently. ROC is a place that not only understands these differences, but embraces and celebrates them. ROC is a place where we come to learn about more than just math, history or science, it's a place where we come to learn about ourselves and each other. It's a place where we are free to explore our interests, and develop ourselves for whatever lies ahead.
ROC - It's not just a place...
it's who we are.

Student Driven, Project Based

At ROC, students are in the driver's seat of their own educational experience. ROC is a project-based learning environment. In project based learning, students are able to pursue their own interests, and demonstrate their learning through projects that they design, develop and carry out with guidance from teachers. Students are still responsible for fulfilling all of the Minnesota Academic Standards, but are able to do so in ways that best suit their learning style, and celebrates their strengths as learners. Project based learning goes far beyond the traditional curriculum, empowering students to not only develop their academic skills, but also to develop skills that will benefit them in their journeys through life: time management, goal setting, self motivation, and perseverance through challenges are but a few of the many life skills emphasized in the ROC Student Vision.


ROCCHS News and Announcements

ROC Exhibition Day
Last Spring ROC hosted its first exhibition.
If you were unable to make it or wish to learn more, please check it out.


ROC students take pride in their school and want to give back by making it look special!

Spring Roadway Cleanup
On Friday, April 15, travelers along East Circle Drive in northeast Rochester may have noticed ROC students in flourescent vests doing their part to keep the community clean. ROC has adopted the stretch of road on East Circle Drive east of north Broadway and filled more than a few bags with trash and litter gathered from the ditches. The weather was beautiful and the students and staff had a great time making Rochester a better place to live.