Frequently Asked Questions

What are charter schools?
Independent public schools governed by school boards composed of teachers, parents and community members. Each charter must be sponsored by a college/university, a nonprofit organization or a traditional school district and approved by the Minnesota Department of Education.

ROC's sponsor is Minnesota Guild of Charter Schools..

Do you have to pay tuition to go to a charter school?
No. A charter school is a tuition free public school funded directly by the state.

Can anyone go to a charter school?
Yes. A charter school is open to and welcomes all students no matter what ability or need.

Does a charter school employ licensed teachers and participate in state testing programs.

What makes Minnesota's public charter schools unique?
Parents, teachers and community leaders are the developers; the majority of the school board is made up of teachers employed by the school; classes are normally smaller than traditional public schools;

What is the process of enrolling my student at ROC?
An application for enrollment must be filled out and an interview must be set up with the Adminstrator.

What calendar does ROC follow?
ROC's school calendar is very similar to that if the Rochester Public Schools.

Can a student "make up" credit or finish high school early by attending ROC?
No. Students entering ROC are able to earn up to 6.5 credits per year. A student is required to complete 8 semesters of high school.

Does a student receive a high school diploma?
Yes. ROC is a public school and students receive a high school diploma just as they would if attending another public school.