The following are comments received from parents & guardians regarding ROC.

"ROC has been a miracle for my son. Until starting at ROC he has struggled with every teacher and every assignment given to him. He would skip school and run away from home. He was doing drugs and not caring in the least about his future and graduating high school. Since starting at ROC, his whole attitude has changed. He looks forward to school. He hasn't been in a physical altercation with any teachers or students. He follows my rules at home, gets to bed on time and wakes up for school without problems!"

"At ROC my son has found a place where he can be himself and everyone there respects that."

"My daughter just started attending ROC on April 12th, 2010 (1 week before comment was received). I have already witnessed a change, for the positive, in her attitude and attendance where school is concerned."

"My son went from failing grades to A's and B's."

"I just have to say that ROC hasn't just changed my kids' lives, it's changed mine. They actually want to go to school. That alone is a great acheivment."

"This school has saved several former foster youth of mine. The education provided to them helped them become better citizens, good parents and even helped some conquer addictions."

"My son LOVES being at ROC. He feels the teachers really care about him and his education. This is literally the first time our son has enjoyed learning and is getting passing grades. Our son knows all the teachers and administration at ROC and doesn't ever want to be without any of them or his school."

"ROC culture is something that everybody understands that goes to ROC. It is a place where you care about each other and everyone is safe and no one will judge you and you will be accepted for who you are. I have heard this testimony time after timee after time after time from my own kids and so many other students."

"ROC has been the best thing for our son. Since the day he started last year, he has not once complained about getting up and making the 50 minutes commute each day. His teachers and Jay have been a huge asset with keeping him on track, and actually wanting to go to school."

"My son went from F's and not caring about school and is now consistently getting A's and B's and has a better perception of school and education."

"Before the tour of the school was over, I knew that this school would rescue my daughter and change her life forever. AND I WAS RIGHT! I have never seen my daughter so happy and hopeful."

"I know that because of ROC she has become the great student and person she is."

ROC's greatness comes from those who have walked within and are a part of the family. These are their stories (click on the links below for individual stories).