Spring Burning Season Has Arrived

ROC Students, under the supervision of Natural Resources teacher Blair Larson, participating in a controlled burn to increase biodiversity of native prairie plants
Spring has sprung, and with it, so has a unique experience for ROC students. When the weather conditions are just right, students participating in Blair Larson's natural resources seminar have been conducting controlled burns throughout the area. In order to participate in the controlled burns, students need to fulfill various training requirements, as well as understand why conducting controlled burns is necessary for maintaining prairie ecosystems.

The occurrence of fire is a natural phenomena, and is essential for encouraging healthy, biologically diverse prairie ecosystems. Prior to settlement, fires regularly swept through these environments, encouraging many quick growing grasses and forbs to thrive. Without fire, larger, slower growing brushes and other invasive species are able to establish in native prairies, and eventually drown out native species. ROC students are doing their part to reintroduce fires to these areas and restore them to their natural beauty.

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