Subd. 5a. Lotteries. If a school district has more applications than available seats at a specific grade level, it must hold an impartial lottery following the January 15 deadline to determine which students will receive seats. Siblings of currently enrolled students and applications related to an approved integration and achievement plan must receive priority in the lottery. The process for the school district lottery must be established in school district policy, approved by the school board, and posted on the school district’s Web site.
Subdivision 1. Purpose. The legislature finds that it is critical to provide options for children to succeed in school. Therefore, the purpose of this section is to provide incentives for and encourage all Minnesota students who have experienced or are experiencing difficulty in the traditional education system to enroll in alternative programs.
Subdivision 2. Eligible Pupils. A pupil under the age of 21 or who meets the requirements of section 120A.20, subdivision 1, paragraph (c), is eligible to participate in the graduation incentives program, if the pupil:
  1. Performs substantially below the performance level for pupils of the same age in a locally determined achievement test;
  2. Is behind in satisfactorily completing coursework or obtaining credits for graduation;
  3. Is pregnant or is a parent;
  4. Has been assessed as chemically dependent;
  5. Has been excluded or expelled according to sections 121A.40 to 121A.56;
  6. Has been referred by a school district for enrollment in an eligible program or a program or a program pursuant to section 124D.69;
  7. Is a victim of physical or sexual abuse;
  8. Has experienced mental health problems
  9. Has experienced homelessness sometime within six months before requesting a transfer to an eligible program;
  10. Speaks English as a second language or is an English learner; or
  11. Has withdrawn from school or has been chronically truant; or
  12. Is being treated in a hospital in the seven-county metropolitan area for cancer or other life threatening illness or is the sibling of an eligible pupil who is being currently treated, and resides with the pupils family at least 60 miles beyond the outside boundary of the seven-county metropolitan area.